• Solenoid Valves

    Solenoid Valves

    We carry most types of valves to fit your every need and application.

    Whether its solenoid valves for Water, Refrigeration, Chemical, Air or Beverage Mister Valve is here to help.

  • Thermostats - Telethermostat and Room Thermostats


    Liquid-filled measuring system, consisting of the temperature probe, capillary, bourdon tube or capsule, and a switch.

  • Pumps


    Our pumps provide a wide range of applications. The Leitenberger HAP series offers a double connection in the cylinder that allows the pumping of fluid in a single operation.

  • Pressure Gauges and Gates

    Pressure Gauges and


    Choose from HVAC Pressure Guage, NH3 Guage, Manifolds, Pressure Gates and Electronic Multi Usage Guages

  • Thermometers


    Available in different measuring ranges between -80 °C and +360 °C, different length of capillary and various types of probes. Ranges from -80 °C to +120 °C are regularly produced with a plastic covered capillary. All ranges over 120 °C are produced with a single copper covered capillary.

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