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Varem Expansion Solar Heating Tank 1" NPT connection
Varem Expansion Solar Heating Tank 1" NPT connection
Reference : Expansion Tank 1" 16 Gallon

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Varem Expansion Solar Heating Tank 1" NPT connection

Varem Expansion tanks for solar systems View larger

Model Expansion Tank 1" 16 Gallon  By Varem

Varem Expansion tanks for solar heating systems with replaceable bladder 1" NPT connection 16 Gallon

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The membrane water tank is a necessary element for a long lasting and regularly working potable water distribution system. Its function is to increase the pressure with which the aqueduct water reachers the end-user. The water tank moderates the changes of pressure gathing the exceeded pressure to optimize the work of the pump. Varem water tanks are suited for all types of water systems: industrial, home, and agricultural. Varem membranes are balloon-shaped and are directly attached to the flange, avoiding any contact between water and the metal surfaces of the tank. Furthemore, the introduction of the membrane after tank painting preserver its elasticity, impermeability and non-toxicity. Varem not only
produces its metal tanks, but also the rubber membranes, thanks to an exclusive know-how, and for most ranges produces the rubber compound too, so maintains under its control the most important component of the pressure tanks

Varem LR Features

  • Shell: deep drawn steel.
    Working temperatures:
    Test pressure:
    1,5 times the max. Working pressure.
    Painting: e
    poxy powder coated 
  • Product of Origin: Italy

Varem LR Benefit

  • Thickness:
    Varem uses extra thick sheet metal, capable of
    withstanding extremely high stress levels, to
    manufacture all its vessels.
    Advantages of using extra thick sheet metal:
    • Higher fatigue strength of the vessel
    • Longer lifespan of the vessel
    • Greater resistance to corrosion perforation
    • Greater resistance to internal pressure
    greater resistance to possible knocks and to external

Varem LR Goals 

  • Varem uses two types of membrane: DIAPHRAGM membranes
    • The membrane encloses an area inside the vessel containing all the liquid entering it
    • Advantages:
    - no contamination of the liquid
    - elimination of corrosion
    - increased lifespan
    Varem S.p.A. uses balloon membranes for all its product lines,
    as they ensure increased lifespan and do not alter the

Varem LR Options 1" NPT Connection

  • 16 Gallons
  • 21 Gallons
  • 26.5 Gallons

What's included with the Varem LR

  • Free Shipping
    Liquid Temperature between 14-200 °F (-10 °C and +99 °C)
    Max. working pressure 6 bar
    Construction and Safety Standards EN 60335-1 EN 60034-1 IEC 60335-1 IEC 60034-1 CEI 61-150 CEI 2-3
    Certifications ISO 9001: QUALITY ISO 14001: ENVIRONMENT
    Guarantee 2 years
    Body backplate sheet metal, capable of withstanding extremely high stress levels, to manufacture all its vessels
    Ambient temperature up to 104 °F (+40 °C)
    Operating Pressure 6 bar
    Liquid Quality Clean Water
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