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Saer 6IR4P32 "1800 RPM" End Suction Electrical Centrifugal Pump
Saer 6IR4P32 "1800 RPM" End Suction Electrical Centrifugal Pump
Reference : 6IR4P32

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Saer 6IR4P32 "1800 RPM" End Suction Electrical Centrifugal Pump

Pedrollo CP 0.25-2.2 kW centrifugal pump View larger

Model 6IR4P32  By Saer

Saer 6IR4P32 Suitable for use with clean water and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made.

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Since 1951 SAER ELETTROPOMPE SpA offers innovative solutions in the clear water field, with a complete range of surface and submersible motors and pumps entirely made in Italy, for applications in civil, industrial, marine, firefighting, water supply, mining, heating and cooling, municipal, Oil & Gas, reverse osmosis, residential, agriculture, irrigation and many others… Flexibility, research and development, know-how of over 60 years of experience, full automation of the production processes and collaboration of highly qualified staff are the key elements of SAER… Thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes the Company, SAER is able to design and produce in a short time even products on demand, integrating them in its wide range, giving to Customer a quality and efficient service… All these features made SAER become the preferred choice of many professionals from privates to public Corporations, OEM, contractors, engineering Companies and many others in over 120 Countries around the world.


Automation of the entire production processes, Research and Development laboratory with a team of engineers pursuing continuously innovative solutions, two state of the art testing rooms and quality department complete the picture of the Company (production area: over 60…000 m² covered).

Saer 6IR4P32 Applications 

Electric pumps 6IR series can be used for surface-flooding and spray irrigation systems, lifting water from lakes, rivers and tanks, and for various industrial applications

Saer 6IR4P32 Pump Construction

Pump body and motor support in cast iron… Wide range of available material for the  impellers: cast iron, carbon steel, brass, precision cast stainless steel and marine bronze

Mechanical seal in graphite/ceramic, totally enclosed motor with external  ventilation,  rotor  mounted  on  maintenance-free  ball bearings…The pumps can be supplied with a built-in thermal overload protection on request… The capacitor is permanently in circuit in the single-phase version…Motor protected  to:

IP 55 

Insulation class F

Standard voltage:  Three-phase 220-230/380-400V

Saer 6IR4P32 Performance Data and Application Limit

- Capacities up to 176 GPM **

- "1800 RPM" Pump can work 24 Hours a day

- Heads up to 33.5 Meters **

- Temperature of pumped liquid: -15°C to +70°C 

- Max working pressure:  10 bar 

- Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C (for higher temperatures please contact our technical department)

Hydraulic performance according to ISO 9906:2012 Grade 3B

Motor specifications  according to CEI EN 60034- 1 Standard version in efficiency class IE1

INSTALLATION: The series BP electric pumps can be installed with the motor shaft mounted either horizontally or vertically, In the event of vertical installations, the motor must always be positioned above the pump body

** For single model performances please download the data sheet

Saer 6IR4P32 Pump Option

Model # 6IR4P32-125A        70 GPM 0.5Hp   Mono Phase   115/230V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

Model # 6IR4P32-160B        70 GPM 0.75Hp  Mono Phase   115/230V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

Model # 6IR4P32-160A        70 GPM 1Hp   Mono Phase   115/230V    60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

Model # 6IR4P32-200NB        70 GPM 1.5Hp   Mono Phase   115/230V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet   

Model # 6IR4P32-200NB        70 GPM 1.5Hp   3 Phase  230/400V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet   

Model # 6IR4P32-200NA        53 GPM 2 Hp   Mono Phase   115/230V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

Model # 6IR4P32-200NA        53 GPM 2 Hp   3 Phase   230/400V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

Model # 6IR4P32-250A        176 GPM 7.5Hp   3 Phase   230/400V   60Hz   2"Inlet   1.25"Outlet  

What's included with the Saer 6IR4P32

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    Flow Rate up to 572 gpm
    Head Up up to 180 feet
    Liquid Temperature 59F - 248F
    Max. working pressure 10 bar
    Construction and Safety Standards EN 60335-1 EN 60034-1 IEC 60335-1 IEC 60034-1 CEI 61-150 CEI 2-3
    Certifications ISO 9001: QUALITY ISO 14001: ENVIRONMENT
    Guarantee 2 years
    Pump Body Cast iron with an Epoxy Electro Coating treatment, with threaded ports in compliance with ISO 228/1
    Body backplate Metal
    Impeller Cast Iron
    Ambient temperature up to 104 °F (+40 °C)
    Motor Shaft Stainless steel EN 10088-3 - 1.4104
    Pump Usage Domestic, Civil
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Product Options (For Assistance with options please call us at 1-800-208-7117)
Saer 6IR4P32
6IR4P32-125A 0.5 Hp 115/230V 60Hz
6IR4P32-160B 0.75 Hp 115/230V 60Hz
[Add $116.00]
6IR4P32-160A 1 Hp 115/230V 60Hz
[Add $165.00]
6IR4P32-200NB 1.5 Hp 115/230V 60Hz
[Add $394.00]
6IR4P32-200NB 1.5 Hp  230/400V 60Hz
[Add $294.00]
6IR4P32-200NA 2 Hp 115/230V 60Hz
[Add $590.00]
6IR4P32-200NA 2 Hp 230/400V 60Hz 
[Add $178.00]
6IR4P32-250A 7.5 Hp 230/400V 60Hz
[Add $1,512.00]